• Difficulties handling absenteeism documents like sickness certificates, control applications and results
  • Processing and managing family allowance requests and changes
  • Increasing manpower cost coming from paper handling activities (inbound & archives)
  • Non-competitive market position due to high internal overhead cost
  • Money loss due to undelivered and unpaid invoices
  • Quality Issues due to overloaded non-core admin work
  • Poor quality of HCR/OCR data capture work
  • Weak Utilization of Document Management System
  • Performance/SLA issues due to illness, holiday,…
  • Missing end-to-end solutions (only post scanning)
  • Lack of time to identify fraud
  • Time waist while looking for documents

How We solve them

  • Outsourcing of document handling services • Automated workflows
  • Optical and Human Character recognition solutions
  • DocFlow: tailored software for dual Entry data capture for unstructured documents
  • File/Document cleaning and cost-effective archiving


  • Innovative and qualitative service delivery
  • 99.75% Data Accuracy
  • Cost Savings > 50%
  • Better productivity thanks to automated workflows
  • Compliancy: no more image damage
  • Better utilization of Document Management SW Solution
  • Easier searches